On-Cell mAb Screening (OCMS) is a cell-based method for screening antibodies expressed by polyclonal mammalian cell populations. Every OCMS cell can capture and display the mAb it expresses. OCMS cell populations are screened by incubating the cells with fluorescent antigen. Cells expressing desired mAbs can be identified by high-content imaging or flow cytometry. OCMS can be used to screen mAb libraries created by cell fusion (hybridomas) or recombinant expression.  OCMS also features a pathogen-agnostic, Universal Anti-Viral (UAV) antibody detection assay, which can find antibodies that bind any type of virus, whether characterized or not, using a common set of detection reagents.

The OCMS Process

Steady State. Cells secrete mAbs (tan) and express an Anchor (purple) on their surface

Antibody Capture. The Linker (red) binds the Anchor (purple) to capture the mAbs (tan)

Screening. Labeled antigen (PV, green label) adheres to cells that make antigen-specific mAbs

The OCMS Principle

  • OCMS cells express an Anchor (purple) that binds to the Linker (red)
  • The Linker (red) captures the secreted mAb (tan)
  • The displayed mAb can be tested for antigen binding (here, Poliovirus is labelded with SA-Alexa Fluor 488)
  • mAb binding is cell-specific because of excess Linker in the media
  • OCMS leverages advances in high content optical screening

OCMS uses two formats for antibody screening

Antibody Cloning. Stable IgG expression in OCMS hybridomas

Antibody Engineering. Transient IgG expression in 293T OCMS cells

Transfected OCMS

Untransfected OCMS

Transfected 293T (not OCMS)

PV binding

OCMS 293T cells capture and display a poliovirus mAb for screening

key differentiators of the OCMS hybridoma platform

1. Universal antiviral mAb assay

2. Study binding epitopes and kinetics On-Cell

3. Preserve valuable human mAb libraries


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