Hybridoma antibody surface display


Combining cell surface display with the convenience of hybridomas for human and mouse monoclonal antibody discovery.


Hybridoma methods have been a mainstay of antibody cloning for over 40 years, but they are labor intensive. OCMS fusion partner cell lines accelerate hybridoma workflows by creating cells that surface-display their antibodies, for high-throughput screens with fluorescent antigens. OCMS human hybridomas can be preserved for repeat screening and NGS.

An OCMS hybridoma

This hybridoma makes a human anti-PV IgA

The OCMS hybridoma workflow

OCMS cell-specific antibody capture


On-Cell mAb Screening

  • Each cell captures its own antibody
  • Fluorescent antigen binding identifies cells of interest
  • Simplifies multiplex screening
  • After on-cell selection, hybridomas resume antibody secretion to enter conventional discovery workflows


Experimental flexibility

  • Antibodies can be tested On-Cell or as conventional secreted mAbs
  • Find ultra-rare clones and prevent hybridoma loss
  • Can be used with any mouse or human B cell
  • Preserve and re-screen libraries


working with ocms bio

  • OCMS has a flexible sales/licensing model for hybridoma users
  • Collaborate on high value discovery programs
  • Royalty-free fee-for-service with customer-provided B cells


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