The Problem: Artificial intelligence and rational monoclonal antibody (mAb) design algorithms are creating new opportunities for the rapid discovery of mAbs for therapeutic and diagnostic use. However, the large numbers of mAbs designed by these methods cannot be efficiently expressed and evaluated in mammalian cells using conventional mAb expression methods.



The Silicon Germinal Center® (SGC)


  • The Silicon Germinal Center® (SGC) revolutionizes mAb screening in mammalian cells with its Two-State paradigm
  • The SGC can work the IgG, scFv and VHH formats
  • The SGC is uniquely enabled by OCMS® methods and advances in DNA synthesis technology
  • NGS datasets rank candidate sequences and inform next generation mAb libraries
  • OCMS Bio provides access to the SGC via fee-for-service and collaborative research models


The iterative SGC screening cycle is enabled by advances in recombinant DNA synthesis.


mAb libraries(IgG, scFv, or VHH formats) are expressed in 293T OCMS cells and sorted into groups on the basis of Ig expression and antigen binding. NGS analysis of bulk sequencing data (including binders and non-binders) informs the next generation library.


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